Warehouse Racking & Storage Solutions

Warehouse Racking & Storage Solutions

Whatever your storage needs, we have all the products, solutions and accessories you need to make the most out of every section of available space in your storage area. Whether it’s a warehouse racking, commercial shelving system, textile racking, or automated storage system, we are the best choice when you want a hard-working storage solution that will save you time and money.

Pallet Racking

Find the perfect fit pallet racking storage solution for your requirements. Pallet racking can be easily configured in a variety of ways based on your needs and pallet load, to ensure a functional and logical warehouse storage solution for you.

Selective pallet racking is very cost-effective, providing high capacity storage and easy access to all pallets. It is ideal for businesses that have many different products that go to a lot of different places, where orders are complex and involve a mix of different SKUs. Simple to install, selective pallet racking is infinitely adjustable and easy to customise. Selective pallet racking is serviced by conventional forklift trucks.

The Selective Pallet Racking offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Individual access to all pallets to full height of warehouse
  • Simple stock rotation achieved
  • Easy beam adjustment accommodates variable pallet heights
  • Compatible with many handling equipment styles
  • Conventional tolerance for floors when used to 10m high
  • Lower level pallets can be located on the floor (picking pallets)
  • Accessories available can accommodate every unit load type
  • Economical shelving beams can be added for low level picking
  • High average locations used 95%, for 100% accessibility, good stock rotation
  • Lifetime Warranty - Conditions apply
  • Complies with AS4084:2012
  • Tested in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)

Double deep racking stores products up to four pallets deep, allowing for rapid dispatch of large, single-SKU orders. Ideal for businesses which don’t have too many different products, but are distributed in high volumes where the same SKUs are stored in groups of pallets prior to dispatch. The double entry aisle allows unparalleled access via dual pantograph or sliding fork attachments.

The double deep racking offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Storage density increased as rack aisle ratio changes from selective racking
  • 50% immediate accessibility with reasonable stock rotation
  • Good use of all available locations, typically above 90%
  • Safe and secure handling with the bottom pallet usually off ground
  • Ability to use double deep handling equipment for other tasks
  • Best used when each SKU has several pallets
  • Lifetime Warranty - Conditions apply
  • Complies with AS4084:2012
  • Tested in accordance with EN 15512:2009 (formally FEM)

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking is your ultimate space-saving option if your warehousing or storage floor space is limited. It gives your teams maximum storage capacity, and allows for quick order-picking and fast accessibility to every pallet.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking combines a wealth of features to enable the best possible use of space, and fast order-picking. Compact and efficient, it's a construction set-up used in a wide variety of industries where warehousing space is limited.

Varying shelving heights and depths, together with height-adjustable supporting beams assure maximum flexibility with man-down, high-lift stackers, or man-up-order-picking stackers. It's a system perfectly suited for convenient pallet storage and retrieval or for fast order-picking straight from the pallet. Handling equipment is often highly automated, and guided by wire or rail.

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Total and unrestricted accessibility to individual pallets
  • Optimum configuration for maximum storage, density and efficiency
  • Makes optimum use of any given floor area, storage space and warehouse height (up to 12m high)
  • Any additional costs offset by added value of improved space

Mobile Racking is a dynamic solution providing up to double the storage capacity in the same area, of conventional pallet racking. Offering technical superiority and total flexibility, Mobile Racking is suitable for every kind of stored goods, and has a wide range of accessories.

The electronically controlled Mobile Racking high-load racking system runs on in-ground rails and can carry bay loads of up to 24 tons at racking heights of up to 12 meters. While state-of-the-art sensor technology and variable control options ensure ease of operation and absolute safety.

Mobile Racking offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Save up to 50% of the space required by conventional pallet racking, and increase storage capacity by up to 80%
  • Cuts energy, operating and cleaning costs; allowing for a good ROI
  • 100% individual pallet access
  • Wide variety of accessories
  • Suitable for any kind of warehouse goods
  • Guaranteed operational safety of -30° C; ideal for use in cold-storage rooms
  • Latest PLC-technology for perfect support of optional functions, plus touch screen with clear graphical display for optimum visibility
  • Designed in accordance with the European Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095

The Pallet Shuttle system is a semi-automated, high-density storage solution for the handling of goods inside channels similar to a drive-in or pallet-flow setup. Cost-effective and time-saving, it removes the need for forklift trucks to enter the aisles.

The remotely controlled Pallet Shuttle is a highly efficient alternative to live storage and drive-in racking. The Pallet Shuttle system works either as First in, First out (FIFO) or as Last in, Last out (LIFO) for situations such as cold storage, food and beverage production, and meat processing.

Using the Pallet Shuttle system offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Cost effective and time-saving; not requiring the use of forklifts
  • Low level of risks or damage to the equipment and operating staff
  • Fast and sustainable; automatically handles pallet picking and retrieval
  • Offers more effective, high-density storage
  • Can pick up, deposit and re-organize pallets with great precision
  • Operating temperature ST: 0°C to +45°C / BZ: -1°C to -30°C / Hybrid model can be used in both temperature ranges
  • Available in different models designed for various pallet configurations
  • Designed in accordance with the European Directive 2006/42/EG and DIN EN 15095

If you're storing large quantities of similar or identical goods, the P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking can free-up as much as 90% of existing floor space, compared to conventional pallet storage.

P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking creates efficiencies by reducing aisle loading and unloading times, yet allowing greater access compared to block-stacking. Positioning pallets on front-to-back rails allows rows to be stacked next to each other safely and efficiently; crucial for items regarded as fragile or unstable.

The First-in, Last-out (FILO) principle means individual pallets can be accessed one-by-one from the front of the rack.

The P90 Drive-in Pallet Racking offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • More storage per cubic metre than any other storage system
  • High density storage - maximising floor and storage space
  • Limited stock rotation – ideal for seasonal goods and chilled storage
  • Accessible by the FILO principle
  • Smooth pallet rails – for safe, snag-free load-bearing
  • Brightly coloured pallets help drivers position loads quickly and accurately

Pallet Flow Racking, or 'Pallet Live Storage' is ideal if you operate a First-in, First-out (FIFO) goods storage setup. With this system you can use up to 60% less space than if you were to use conventional pallet racking.

Our Pallet Flow system offers a dynamic storage solution with integrated conveyor modules to suit most pallet types and sizes. It's well-suited for the drinks industry or as a buffer storage facility in manufacturing.

Pallets travel smoothly on full-width or twin-track rollers. While the front pallet is removed on the front side of the rack, the rear pallet is held back. Pallet movement is always safe and smooth thanks to automatic braking, along with a combined load guide and end stop unit.

Pallet Flow Racking offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Dedicated load and retrieval means only two forklift truck aisles are required
  • Uses up to 60% less floor space than conventional pallet racking
  • FIFO operation – for automatic stock rotation
  • Faster, more efficient warehouse picking speeds

Our Mezzanine Flooring Structures provide you with a cost-efficient way to create extra floor space in your existing buildings. Simple yet effective, you can combine the uprights and beams to form heavy duty, multi-functional structures.

The system includes high-quality stairways, strong railings and three different kinds of pallet gates to suit even the most complex of warehousing or storage requirements. Totally demountable and reusable, it's a far more economical solution compared to concrete constructs.

Mezzanine Floor Structures offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Multifunctional for a variety of users
  • Up to 1000kg/m2
  • A span up to 10 meters
  • A more economical solution than concrete
  • Easy to erect in existing buildings
  • Light transparent (with steel grid floors)
  • Free-standing (no additional loads on building columns)
  • Minimal additional pressure on the foundation floor
  • All Mezzanine floor railings, stairs and pallet gates have a scratch-resistant, powder-coated finish, and meet all the strictest of European compliance and safety regulations.

With our Multi-tier Pallet Racking, you can create manual pick-lanes for your teams at various levels, by providing walkways built into the pallet racking structure.

Our Multi-tier Pallet Racking offers optimum use of space over that of traditional mezzanine flooring structures and layouts. This type of pallet racking structure creates a number of levels and walkways for storing and collecting goods – everything from cartons and boxes, to garment storage on hangers.

Multi-tier structures can either be installed directly from the floor or alternatively on top of a specially designed mezzanine structure – allowing for a multi-functional storage area below.

Multi-tier Pallet Racking offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Combines wooden, mesh, grating or steel shelves depending on requirements
  • Increased number of picking levels
  • Maximises use of the full height of the building
  • Optimises floor space
  • Allows order-picking on multiple levels
  • Can combine pallet storage and small goods storage
  • Removes the need for a mezzanine floor
  • Easily incorporates fire sprinkler and lighting systems
  • Extensive range of stairs, handrails and pallet gates

Cart Push-back Trolleys provide your teams with high-density live storage so they can have quick and easy access to loads in warehouse environments. They can load and unload pallets from the same aisle face; reducing truck travel distances and cutting cycle times.

A range of trolley sizes is available to suit all types and sizes of pallets. Colour coding of trolleys and a unique multi-wheel design aid stock identification and ensure trolleys run smoothly and reliably – even in the demanding environment of a cold stores.

Cart Push-back Trolleys can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas, such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers.

Our Cart Push-back Trolleys offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Quick and easy access to all storage lanes
  • Maximise floor space
  • Ideal for bulk storage/cold store
  • Pallets automatically presented at the rack pick face
  • Accessible by Last-in, First-out (LIFO) principle
  • Up to 6 pallets deep
  • Very high occupancy rates, compared to Drive-in Racking or Block Stacking.

Push-back Rollers – a dynamic storage solution based on the P90 Pallet Racking System and including wheel/roller conveyors. Ideal if you're storing bulk goods on pallets according to the Last-in, First-out (LIFO) principle.

Once a pallet is picked from the pick-face, the rest roll forward automatically under a controlled speed. Up to 9 pallets can be stacked in this way.

Push-back Rollers can also be used to provide additional storage space in otherwise unusable areas, such as above cross-aisles or around dock-levellers.

Our Push-back Rollers offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Up to 75% increase in storage capacity compared to conventional storage
  • Operations reduced to a minimum
  • Quick and easy access to all channels
  • Maximise floor space
  • Ideal for bulk storage and cold store
  • Accessible by LIFO principle
  • Very high occupancy rates compared to Drive-in Racking or Block-stacking.

Our Pallet Pull-Out Units let your teams move pallets back and forth like drawers, even with a full load up to 1000kg. With such efficient storage, they can free up the excessive clearance distance needed above pallets.

The Pallet Pull-Out Unit saves both time and space to ensure an efficient working environment and ergonomic picking. By installing pull-out units in your pallet racking, the number of pallet and picking locations can be increased, while still taking up the same space as before.

What's more, shorter operation distances allow for faster and more efficient picking, while at the same time freeing up valuable floor space.

Our Pallet Pull-out Units offer the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Increase storage capacity
  • Create space
  • Allow easy access
  • Increase picking rates

The Carton Flow Picking Unit system is a fast and flexible solution for you to transport components to assembly stations without interruption. You can also easily adjust the shelves and wheels to ensure efficient movement of various sized packages.

The Carton Flow Picking Unit system is flexible enough to allow for changing and evolving warehouse layouts, thanks to the fact that it can be built as a stationary unit, or supplied with lockable wheels.

Alternatively it could also be integrated into pallet racking on any lower levels, below bulk storage, for example.

The Carton Flow Picking Unit system offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Adjustable, ergonomic racks – for ultimate handler efficiency
  • Separate loading and unloading – so picking can be carried out uninterrupted on either side
  • High packing-density for carton storage – meaning more floor space
  • Reduces travel distances and picking times
  • Simple, fast installation
  • Straightforward, modular system

Shelving System

From a single shelving bay, to a vast installation, Our wealth of expertise and resources ensure your shelving not only meets your requirements right here, right now, but can accommodate your ongoing and changing needs in the future.

The Standard Shelving system's applications are vast. You can build it as a traditional shelving system; a high-rise installation, or a multi-tier system. Whether you're operating standalone or manually-served picking, or a large, fully-automated central store.

Standard Shelving is a flexible and versatile storage system for small-parts handling. Eliminating the need for cross-bracing maximises storage for its depth. While pre-galvanized steel results in a high, consistent quality, with a focus on using a minimum number of components as possible.

The Standard Shelving system offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Frame components and shelves manufactured in pre-galvanized steel
  • Based on the principle of a minimum number of components – for fast assembly and rebuild
  • Tested, dimensioned and approved in line with European FEM norms
  • Extensive range of accessories

The Narrow Aisle Shelving system is well-suited for your 24hr operation. Compared to forklift handling, this is your narrow-aisle solution that works with automated cranes to optimise storage space and picking efficiency.

A shelving system in a narrow aisle installation demands accuracy and high stability. The Narrow Aisle Shelving System delivers on all fronts. In fact, with easy access for man-up trucks, or handling by automatic cranes, a narrow aisle storage installation offers a unique optimisation of storage space.

Eliminating the need for cross-bracing also maximises storage for its depth. It's a solution manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, resulting in a high, consistent quality and with a focus on using a minimum number of components as possible.

The Narrow Aisle Shelving system offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Frame components and shelves manufactured in pre-galvanized steel
  • Based on the principle of a minimum number of components – for fast assembly and rebuild
  • Tested, dimensioned and approved in line with European FEM norms

The Mobile Shelving System is the ultimate in compact storage. Combined with Compactus® mobile bases, it's a mobile shelving solution ideal for small parts storage and handling.

The Mobile Shelving System comes mounted on mobile units running along rails; matching the depth and width of standard Hi280 shelving sizes. As a result of only needing one aisle for access, installations in a warehouse can double the capacity of storage.

The Mobile Shelving System offers the following features & benefits as standard:

  • High quality – manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, with mobiles made of epoxy coated steel
  • Mobile-base wheels run on rails – floor-inlayed, or mounted directly on top of an existing surface
  • High loads up to 15 tons – yet easily moved for additional mobility
  • Extensive range of versatile accessories
  • Electronic options available such as 'touch control' for easy access
  • Compact shelving systems create secure and efficient storage – mobile units lock together to allow single-person access
  • Mobile shelving system – known for its reliability and quality

Bruynzeel’s Double Decker mobile shelving is an ideal solution to maximise your archive storage if you have a building or storage facility with high ceilings. Compactus Double Decker provides four times the capacity of ordinary static storage. It offers the ultimate space optimisation for buildings with high ceilings, and costs less than the equivalent installation of mobile shelving across two floors.

A touch-sensitive electronic control panel makes operation of the system simple and user-friendly. The system’s “soft start and stop” mechanism allows the shelves to move safely and without vibration. Our sophisticated drive system moves at a constant speed regardless of load. Valuable and delicate objects remain perfectly in place. As a result, the Double Decker is proving an extremely popular choice for museum repositories, as well as for archive storage.

The two levels of shelving are connected by a unique wheel console with the uprights running the full height of the system. The weight of both levels is carried solely by the mobile units on the ground floor. Top and bottom bays move together in one smooth motion along the slots in the steel grid floor.

Clear sight lines between the two levels are maintained by the addition of a steel mesh mezzanine. Alternatively some customers prefer to specify wooden floor panels on the double decker mezzanine, which Bruynzeel will supply and fit on request.

The system can be equipped with integrated LED lighting, and additional innovative features such as Auto Air Circulation and fire alarm integration are available. The Double Decker mobile shelving system meets PD5454 standards including BS EN15095 electrical standard, required to meet PD5454.

The Double Decker Mobile Shelving System offers the following features & benefits as standard:

  • User friendly - The intelligent electronic control system not only gives you effortless movement but also ensures user safety and protection of stored items. Accessed from the touch screen panel. You can also incorporate software that connects the panel to your company’s computer system, to programme and control access
  • Safety - with The Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) - The Motor Current Monitoring System (MCMS) ensures safety for users of Double Decker mobile shelving. MCMS detects any increase in power usage caused by the motor driving against an obstruction, which will automatically cut the motor. Additional safety systems can be added to this system, such as photo cells and motion sensors. Using these features will ensure the units stop immediately in the event of a person being detected in an open aisle.
  • Automatic Aisle Lighting - Our Double Decker mobile shelving is fitted with aisle lights. When an aisle opens, the lights come on automatically, and are switched off again when the aisle closes.

Medium Span shelving or 'Longspan shelving' is perfect if you're storing larger or heavier products across multiple pick-locations.

The Medium Span Shelving is assembled in the same way as the Standard Shelving and suitable for both static and mobile requirements. It's particularly well-suited for the storage of automotive components.

Standard Shelving is compatible with the Medium Span. The two shelving systems can be easily combined and configured. Eliminating the need for cross-bracing maximises storage for its depth. It's a solution manufactured from pre-galvanized steel, resulting in a high, consistent quality and with a focus on using a minimum number of components as possible.

The Medium Span offers the following features and benefits as standard:

  • Easy assembly and disassembly
  • Fully galvanized and durable
  • Customisable shelving profiles for extra strength and stability for shelf supports
  • No loose parts, and no sharp edges
  • Shelf supports with recessed labels and barcodes
  • Extensive range of accessories

With our Longspan shelving's modular design, and fast and easy assembly you can achieve the maximum possible storage capacity, regardless of the space you have available.

The Longspan Shelving system allows for the easy adjustment of storage heights and configurations as your requirements change; providing a system that moves and changes with you. Longspan is equally suited for warehouse and office environments; easily configurable for a number of different applications. From low level hand-loaded shelving, to high-rise systems.

Incorporating varying frame and beam sizes, customising the system for your exact needs is really straightforward. Medium- and Longspan bays can be combined in the same rack, and a bolt-free, lock-in system ensures support beams remain in position. Longspan frames and beams are powder-coated anthracite and grey white.

Our Longspan shelving has been designed and tested to comply with the recommendations of the FEM Shelving Design Code 10.2.06.

Textile Storage System

Body text for Textile Storage System

Textile Carousel is an automated vertical carousel that stores and retrieves rolled goods efficiently and ergonomically. The motorized textile carousel is designed to effectively accommodate a wide variety of fabric rolls including woven, non-woven, knitted, synthetic, netting, and technical fabrics in a broad range of widths, diameters, and sizes. This automated storage system utilizes the vertical space in retail stores, manufacturing operations, or warehouses and brings the desired roll to the operators level, eliminating the need to manually handle textile rolls.

Textile Carousel offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Increases Available Storage - The motorized textile carousel increases useable storage capacity by applying the product to operator principle in underutilized overhead space. Featuring built to specification flexibility, our rolled goods carousels provides superior fit and space utilization.
  • Increase Health and Safety - Mechanical storage eliminates wasteful and potentially harmful steps for stocking and retrieving rolled materials. The Textile Carousel accomplishes this by automating retrieval and presenting rolls at an ergonomically optimum height which reduces unnecessary bending, walking, lifting, and pushing which will reduce work related injuries.
  • Increase Efficiency - Textile Carousel may be commonly used as either a storage unit or integrated into production lines. Either application benefits from the increased efficiencies that a vertical carousel provides, whether the result is increased output from almost negligible roll changeovers or the potential realized by automating storage and real time inventory tracking.

Textiles can be stored in various ways, depending on the material and the size. For small objects, flat storage in drawers is often preferred. When installed with the addition of a fabric screen in the tray, drawers provide a breathable repository for fragile samples. Larger pieces are often better stored in rolls, which can be housed in tailored cabinets or racks.

Museum Racking

The storage of museum collections requires special attention as many have a high historical, emotional and financial value. Our museum storage solutions are designed for easy access and the safe preservation of precious collections. Bruynzeel Storage Systems has many years of international experience in providing storage systems for the world’s leading museums, supplying shelving, art storage and picture racking that is perfectly tailored to the needs of modern museums and collections.

Bruynzeel Storage Systems offers a complete service for museum storage, from planning through to installation and maintenance. Our museum specialists are on hand to help you plan your ideal museum storage facility.

  • Total Solution - Bruynzeel offers a wide product range that is perfect for museum storage, with a tailored solution for every type of object.
  • Worldwide - Bruynzeel storage solutions are used in museum warehouses around the world. Using our extensive knowledge base and years of experience, we will create a storage system that is right for you.
  • Optimal Conservation - Our museum storage can provide protection from light, dust, dirt, vibration and emissions.

Automated Storage System

If you're a warehouse or storage operative, you'll know the importance of making every square meter count. Our automatic storage systems can save you up to 70% on existing floor space, reduce picking errors by up to 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%. Computer-controlled, the vertical or horizontal storage machines easily integrate with your existing warehouse management system, but also operate effectively as a standalone solution. Can you afford not to improve the efficiency of your storage and picking process with an automated solution built around you?

The Horizontal Carousel (HOCA) Automated Storage Machine is a computer-controlled storage and transfer solution that significantly improves the efficiency of product storage and picking.

The HOCA makes optimal use of existing room length when overhead space is limited or unavailable. The HOCA is designed to keeps things moving; multiple HOCA systems working to one picking station ensures permanent access to stored goods. While the operator picks from one carousel, the other machines bring the next requested order to the access point with pinpoint accuracy.

HOCA offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Dramatically increases storage capacity through optimal use of available room depth
  • Achieves maximum storage density – saving up to 70% on floor space
  • Reduces walking and waiting times by up to 65%
  • Guarantees cost-effective warehousing and efficient picking processes
  • Speeds up order throughput times and minimises picking errors
  • Delivers fast, efficient and accurate order performance

The Industrial Paternoster (IPN) Vertical Carousel saves time and money by optimising picking processes and minimising picking errors. It requires up to 75% less floor space compared to conventional warehousing solutions.

The IPN uses vertical rotation to transport goods to the operator by the shortest possible route, making it ideal for simple manual operation, host-controlled order picking or highly efficient batch-picking. It is particularly suited for fast order picking of small parts and can be easily customised, with its shelving, intermediate shelving and partitioning equipment adaptable to various height requirements.

The Industrial Paternoster IPN offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Reduces warehouse walking and waiting times by up to 65%
  • Up to 75% less floor space than conventional warehousing solutions
  • Almost 100% order picking accuracy, no more searching for items
  • Windows-based machine control
  • Safety light curtains for added protection
  • Safe and clean storage

The TORNADO Automated Vertical Storage Machine is a dynamic storage and retrieval system that boosts handling efficiency by up to 65%, and increases floor space capacity by up to 70%.

An ultra-fast, virtually noiseless, computer-controlled storage and transfer lift system, the TORNADO is designed to maximise storage on the smallest possible footprint. Using the goods-to-person principle it cuts operator walking and waiting times, reduces search time and picking errors making it highly- efficient and energy-saving.

The TORNADO lift system is highly customisable for specific operating environments and offers the following benefits as standard:

  • Up to 70% saving in floor space capacity
  • Up to 65% boost in handling efficiency
  • Fast and accurate picking with up to 99.9% stock-picking accuracy
  • Low power consumption & maintenance costs
  • Dedicated, easy-to-use Windows-based interface
  • Equipped with adaptable trays for additional efficiency
  • Light pointer to reduce errors
  • Additional openings for use on different floor levels
  • Easy and paperless order handling to optimise warehouse logistics