Maximize Your Warehouse Performance

PT. Intramega Global has been appointed as authorised distributor global brand for Storage Racking System Solutions, Warehouse Automation Systems, Supply Chain Management Systems and Power Tools. This makes us perfectly positioned to deliver a premium service which is fully backed up by all the leader and expertise in its industry.

We deliver more than just products. We can provide a complete range of services including consultancy, planning, project implementation and maintenance. Our experience tells that every requirement is unique, therefore our consultants will examine your business in depth, access your current systems and sugest where we can provide improvement and innovation to deliver a first rate working and solutions.

Warehouse Racking & Storage Solutions

Whatever your storage needs, we have all the products, solutions and accessories you need to make the most out of every section of available space in your storage area.

Warehouse Management System

In a marketplace that can change on a dime, you need agility and scalability to quickly seize new opportunities while still maintaining operational efficiencies.

Warehouse Automation

We optimize your supply chain by designing, developing and delivering solutions that optimize your supply chain, improve performance and increase productivity.

Power Tools

Our Power Tools from FEIN has proven itself in millions of cases worldwide over almost 50 years and satisfies the most demanding of requirements.