Warehouse Automations

Warehouse Automations

We design, develop and deliver solutions that optimize your supply chain, improve performance and increase productivity. Our industry leading software and automation technologies will allow your organization to be responsive to customer demands, labor challenges and asset space utilization requirements.

We partnered with DEMATIC to provide the best Automation Technology for our customer's business in Indonesia.

With this partnership, we are ready to support Logistics 4.0 and Industry 4.0 in Indonesia

Dematic is a global leader providing a comprehensive range of intelligent intralogistics and materials handling solutions. With a global knowledge network of more than 6,000 highly skilled logistics professionals, Dematic is able to provide its customers a unique perspective in world class materials handling solution design.

With a strong commitment to product and solution R&D combined with manufacturing plants in the US, Europe, China and Australia ensures Dematic has the range and capability to provide reliable, flexible, cost effective solutions globally. Dematic's tremendous track record of success has led to the development and implementation of more than 4,500 world class integrated systems for a customer base including some of the world's biggest companies.

Solution Components

Heavy duty pallet Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS or AS/RS) machines automatically handle pallet loads, rolls or containers.

Pallet handling machines use lifting carriages with telescopic forks and cabs. Single or double deep loads can be accommodated. Alternatively, pre-engineered extraction/insertion devices are available to suit your product type and size. Large products are handled gently and consistently.

RapidStore Unit Load (UL) systems provide automated bulk reserve storage facilities in a range of warehouse applications. Ideal for storing pallet loads of raw materials or finished goods, RapidStore UL solutions are designed to deliver a compact building footprint while providing rapid, secure storage and retrieval.

The latest controls technology for pallet AS/RS machines makes them highly efficient and accurate. Quiet operation and reliability are engineered into each machine.

Faster than narrow aisle forklift trucks, RapidStore machines economically handle your throughput requirements in aisles only 200 mm wider than the load. Dematic’s comprehensive range of Storage Retrieval Machines (SRMs) can be designed to handle loads of up to 1,800 kg in DCs up to 45 m tall, achieving throughput rates of 60 double cycles per hour depending on load weight, system height, and aisle length.

Unit-Load ASRS Benefits:

  • Fully automatic storage
  • Increased height limit, up to 45 metres
  • Improved storage capacity in a reduced footprint
  • Payload capacities up to 1,800 kg
  • Single, double, and satellite storage configurations
  • Latest control technologies.

Space is a valuable commodity in warehouses and distribution centres. Add in the required labour, and the effective storage and retrieval of product from a dense storage medium becomes a key performance indicator for any operation.

Whether you are looking to store pallets, trays, bins, cartons or totes, Dematic offers a complete range of storage and buffering solutions from racks and shelving to a diverse selection of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS).

Dematic storage solutions are designed to provide cost effective options for longer term – days to weeks – storage of product. These solutions are typically optimised for lowest cost storage density and low to medium levels of throughput performance.

Buffering solutions are designed to provide cost effective options for short term – hours to days – buffering of product. These solutions are typically high performance and are used to buffer, consolidate and/or sequence product in support of operations like picking and shipping.

Dematic’s modular, flexible and scalable storage and buffering solutions are designed to support your business needs today and well into the future. They include RapidStore ASRS, RapidStore Miniload and Multishuttle systems.

The integrated robotic layer picking solution combines an advanced robotic layer picker with patented software that enables the system to operate at efficiency rates of up to 150% and, in some cases, eliminate as much as 80% of manual handling, whilst reducing the risks of repetitive manual handling and improving pallet build efficiency and quality.

For many manufacturers, there is an increased emphasis on full case and layer picking, especially when making route deliveries. This is driven by an increase in smaller, more frequent orders and market demand for a wider range of product variants. The consequence is that warehouse operations are becoming increasingly labour-intensive and expensive.

Coupled with the weight and bulk of many products and increasing regulation around workplace safety, manufacturers are faced with a challenging order picking environment.

Robotic Layer Picking System Benefits:

  • Reduces the need to manually pick and handle high volume products
  • Significantly reduces forklift operations and the OH&S risks associated with manual layer picking, creating a safer workplace
  • Integrated IT systems enable fast, accurate and reliable operations
  • World first FreePick Maximiser enables up to 50% of case pick orders to be shipped without picking
  • Superior pallet build quality for improved transport utilisation, less product damage and returns
  • Offers total pallet building flexibility
  • Builds pallets intelligently placing heavier goods at the bottom, lighter goods on the top
  • Can build multiple layers of multiple products separated by pallets
  • Reduces distribution operating costs
  • Rapid payback

The RapidStore Mini-Load ASRS product range is Dematic‘s latest generation of highly flexible, energy-efficient storage and retrieval systems.

RapidStore ML systems are optimised for distribution centres, production and buffer ware­houses. It is a groundbreaking new type of flexible load handling device that supports a wide range of container and carton sizes. If necessary, they can be tailored to your individual product size and type.

Designed for optimum performance, RapidStore ML handles trays, totes and cartons, delivering them to and from operators or transportation systems with a travel speed of up to 6 m/sec, a maximum travel acceleration of 5.5 m/sec2 and an average acceleration of 4 m/sec2. Pick-up and delivery stations and interfacing transportation systems are designed specifically for your operation. RapidStore Miniload AS/RS machines offer fast pick-up and delivery, dense storage, and quiet operation.

The RapidStore ML range can be equipped with different load handling equipment. Fully re-designed load handling equipment from Dematic, makes it possible to place cartons, containers or trays varying in sizes from 200 to 650 mm wide into storage up to four-items deep. Depending on the device type, it is also possible to use multiple load carrying devices in different designs (above or next to one another). This makes the RapidStore another component for maximum flexibility and optimum throughput in small parts storage.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight mast construction (aluminium)
  • Modular construction design with standardised components
  • Scalable for all Dematic solutions
  • Cross-sector applications (production, warehousing, etc.)
  • Varied load handling equipment options and high performance capability
  • Works with wide range of container and carton sizes
  • Compatible with current and future load suspension equipment
  • Readily available maintenance materials and spare parts
  • Energy efficient drives and running gear
  • Controls based on existing Storage and Retrieval Machine (SRM) control software and Dematic’s proven worldwide communication standards

Voice Item Picking to Conveyor


  • Person-to-Goods item picking applications
  • Typically for medium-slow moving SKUs
  • For environments with large number of pick faces and/or layouts where pick-to-light-directed picking may not be appropriate


  • Maximised picker efficiency
  • Average 120 lines/hour/picker
  • Hands-free picking operation
  • Improved inventory and order accuracy
  • Orders picked directly into totes or shipping containers

Solution Description

  • Dynamically builds clusters in each picking zone
  • Cartons or totes routed to pick zone via conveyor system
  • Operator instructed to pick via Voice-directed picking
  • Voice-directed picking device w/hand scanner
  • Integrated conveyor system
Pick-to-Light to Conveyor


  • High volume item picking
  • Typically for medium-fast moving SKUs
  • Supplements parallel pick with Voice for slower moving SKUs


  • Maximised picker efficiency
  • Up to 600 lines/hour/picker
  • Hands-free item picking operation
  • Improved inventory and order accuracy
  • Minimises packing effort by picking directly to right size shipping container

Solution Description

  • Pick and pass conveyor system routes containers only to zones requiring picks
  • Displays show operator location and quantity of picks
  • Operator acknowledges pick or adjusts pick quantity by pressing button
  • Displays carton type as the first pick location is illuminated
  • Dynamically clusters multiple orders
  • Optional lot number or expiry date capture

AutoStore is an ultra-high density sub-system that supports goods-to-person piece picking.

The Dematic goods-to-person piece picking solution includes three automated storage sub-system options: Dematic Multishuttle, Mini Load, and AutoStore. For applications with a high number of SKUs and moderate throughput velocity, AutoStore may be the ideal storage sub-system. Dematic incorporates AutoStore within an overall solution that includes receiving & put-away, inventory storage, picking, and pack & ship.

The AutoStore sub-system consists of five standard modules: robot, port or workstation, grid, bin and controller. There are no dedicated access aisles in AutoStore so the entire cube can be utilized to store product. The bin storage cube can be configured up to a height of 6 meters (approx. 20 feet). Higher storage heights are possible by building AutoStore structures on mezzanine platforms.

The robots drive on the top of the grid to access inventory stored in the bins below. The bins are put-away, retrieved and delivered to the ports or workstations as required. The mechanical system design omits a single point of failure that could stop the entire system material flow.

Two types of ports are available, conveyor ports for system throughputs up to 240 Bins per hour and carrousel ports carrying three bins simultaneously, for throughputs up to 500 bins per hour. The system footprint layout is custom for each application. An installation can consist of 200 robots or just 3 robots, with 2,000 bins or 200,000 bins.


  • High number of SKUs
  • Low-mid velocity throughput
  • Tote storage

The AutoStore solution is built around the “goods-to-person” principle. The key benefits of goods-to-person include: eliminate worker travel time to pick locations, picking productivity, omit dedicated pick faces (no slotting, re-slotting, manual replenishment), product security/inventory accuracy, order processing speed, and order accuracy. Furthermore, the worker environment is ideal. AutoStore technology supports a quiet, clean environment with reduced fatigue factors. Workstations are designed for ergonomic operation.

AutoStore is an eco-friendly solution. Overall power consumption is low, energy recovery occurs during bin lowering and robot braking. Ceiling lighting is not needed. It requires less space due to the compact structure.

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) systems from Dematic are fully mobile robots that can move and transport items within production, warehouse and distribution environments.

Our complete line of AGVs provide reliable, autonomous mobile robotic solutions for where space is at a premium, flexibility is critical and operational efficiency is an imperative.

Dematic AGV solutions will boost your productivity, reduce product damage, and optimize your facility, reducing costs and increasing efficiency and profitability.

There are several areas where AGVs are an ideal solution for the following conditions:

  • Non value-added material movement applications
  • Transport in challenging or less operator-friendly environments
  • Applications requiring steady and continuous throughput
  • Where available labor pools are shrinking
  • Repetitive transport, or mid- to long-distance travel areas
  • Material flows with a large number of buffer locations
  • Complex production flows
  • As a reliable, consistent interface to and from automated warehouses (AS/RS), WIP (Work-in-process) production, and shipping

Dematic began designing and building automated conveyor solutions more than 70 years ago. Since then, we have pioneered many industry developments, including the first accumulation conveyor.

We provide all types of conveyor and sortation solutions for assembly, manufacturing and distribution applications. Whether you need a simple gravity conveyor, or a sophisticated computer-controlled system, Dematic manufactures cost-effective systems, which deliver years of reliable service.

Dematic’s market-leading conveyor range offers more than just transportation. Our conveyors join processes together, and deliver and take away goods – automatically, and on cue. They can store goods until the next person or machine needs them, sort or merge them intelligently, and can facilitate a number of functions that add value to the order fulfilment process, such as packing and weighing.

Conveyors can transport goods horizontally, vertically, around corners, and handle inclines and declines. Usually they are electrically driven, but often gravity can play a crucial role as well.

One of the simplest and most widely used conveyors is a belt sliding on a sheet metal bed, called a ‘slider bed’. This is fine for most cartons and many other types of loads. But as loads increase so too does friction and, eventually, a powered roller conveyor may be the preferred option, depending on the application. Heavier loads, like pallets, can be transported on chains sliding in powered channels. If goods have to be merged, diverted, or accumulated, a powered roller conveyor is usually best.

Benefits of Automated Conveyor Systems:

  • High performance and quality
  • Accumulation without line pressure
  • Reduced handling costs for repetitive tasks
  • Merging and diverting for balanced workload
  • Efficient movement of products between processes
  • Integrated material flow controls supported by the latest technology

Item - or Split Case - picking is the most labour intensive and highest cost function in most warehouses and distribution centres. With decades of experience, Dematic has developed a wide variety of proven piece picking solutions, which provide fast, accurate and cost-effective order fulfilment.

Dematic item picking solutions vary from simple entry-level technologies that help pickers improve productivity and throughput, through to automated systems which significantly reduce the need for manual labour.

Technologies to improve item picking productivity, accuracy and throughput include voice-directed picking, RF-directed picking, and pick/put-to-Light (PTL) picking. Fitting the systems to mobile picking carts, or using Put Walls can further enhance efficiency in piece picking applications.

For higher volume applications, walk-pick-to-conveyor modules with case flow racks incorporating Voice, RF or PTL technologies enable very high productivity rates.

The highest item picking productivity, accuracy and throughput rates can be achieved through the use of Goods-to-Person (GTP) picking systems. With a wide range of GTP picking station configurations serviced by Miniload or Multishuttle buffer stores, very high item picking rates of greater than 1000 items per hour may be achieved. High productivity item picking systems include ergonomic pick and put stations, Dematic RapidPick, and Modular Goods to Person.

Key business benefits:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Faster order fulfilment
  • Improved order accuracy
  • Better stock rotation
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Real-time operational visibility and decision support metrics

Dematic is a pioneer in the development of linear and recirculating conveyor sortation systems with standardised controls and software, which optimise warehouse operations and provide supply chain visualisation. They are used extensively by leading retailers, parcel freight and 3PLs, catalogue, hardware and other distributors requiring high speed, reliable sortation.

With increasing labour costs and supply chain pressures for faster, more accurate and responsive operations, automated sortation systems are finding their way into more and more supply chains, delivering productivity, throughput capacity, accuracy, and accountability for businesses, and a cost-effective and efficient flow of goods to consumers.

Manufacturers of many fast moving consumer goods use sortation systems to handle cartonised products as they come off the production line.

High throughput sortation systems have also been used for decades by leading retailers to distribute goods at the lowest cost per case.

Smart IT systems have led to an increase in responsiveness and enabled retail DCs to significantly reduce inventory by receiving and despatching goods just-in-time. Cross-docking and flow-through handling processes are adopted, with the use of sortation systems to distribute cases to stores when they arrive at a DC.

Some retailers handle up to 90% of their goods in this way, driving their facilities to near stockless operations and cutting out the handling steps of put-away, replenishment and picking. Sortation systems also account for what has been received and where it has been sent.

It offers numerous advantages over conventional order picking methods such as paper lists or wireless terminals. Rather than communicating visually via paper or computer monitors, Pick-to-Voice relies on voice instructions through headphones and a microphone.

By freeing the operator’s hands to handle the stock items, Pick-to-Voice ensures an ergonomic and efficient pick sequence. Without the need to handle wireless data terminals and paper lists eliminated, the order picker can focus entirely on retrieving the required items.

No more manual keying of data or time-consuming scanning of stock locations. Instead, the instructions to and responses from the picker are entirely by voice. Delays caused by the picker having to stop retrieving items in order to enter data into a device are a thing of the past. The operation is streamlined – and productivity increases.

Benefits of Voice Directed Picking

  • Hands-free, eyes-free picking
  • Up to a 35% improvement in picking productivity
  • Up to 99.9% picking accuracy
  • Reduced operator training time
  • Direct interface to most WMS
  • Rapid return on investment