Power Tools

Power Tools

Our Power Tools from FEIN has proven itself in millions of cases worldwide over almost 50 years and satisfies the most demanding of requirements.

Solution Components

In 1895, FEIN revolutionized the world of work with the invention of the first electric hand drill. Even today, FEIN drills bear the stamp of the same spirit of innovation: The best of 120 years of experience and always in enduring premium quality, whether drilling machines, angle drills or tappers. There are FEIN drills for almost any situation, with different sizes and shapes, drilling diameters of up to 1-1/2 in [38 mm] and speeds adapted precisely to the material. These tools are perfectly tailored to the work you do, the standards you need to meet and your way of working. Ergonomically shaped, lightweight, easy to operate and extremely robust, they are ideal for professional users. The optimized range of accessories and special system components underline the expertise and experience that goes into a FEIN drill.

Product Range

Cordless Drill/Drivers

The optimum combination of flexibility, power and reliability. Designed to handle everything from light installation work to demanding tasks involving wood, metal, and stone.

Power Drills

Perfectly suited to the job. Precise, powerful and easy to use.

Magnetic Base Drilling

Cuts working time by up to 40%. Faster magnetic base drilling. In metal, in any situation. With more precision, economy and speed than ever before, Slugger by FEIN core drills deliver the best results in the shortest time. Mag base drilling as never before. Any place, any time.


Efficient, precise and reliable. The alternative to manual work.


Slugger by FEIN High Speed Steel cutters are made in the USA and are the highest quality annular cutters available on the market. The exclusive CNC machining and heat treating processes used to manufacture Slugger cutters provide extreme drilling performance, ensuring long cutter life and efficient hole drilling, while maintaining precise bore tolerances.

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FEIN's line of screwdrivers is designed to be reliable and perfectly adapted to how they are used, delivering first-class performance even under the toughest conditions. It doesn't matter whether the screwdrivers are used in assembly production or interior and metal construction. Their outstanding ergonomics are very low weights, which are additional benefits that enable efficient and professional performance while simultaneously reducing fatigue.

Product Range

Cordless Drill/Drivers

The optimum combination of flexibility, power and reliability. Designed to handle everything from light installation work to demanding tasks involving wood, metal, and stone.

FEIN AccuTec

Precision-made cordless screwdrivers for fastening in assembly production.

Drywall / Deck Screwdrivers

Perfect for interior drywall, light construction and deck installation. Light, ergonomic and compact for the best possible performance.

Tek Screwdrivers

For safe driving of self-drilling and thread-cutting screws. For use in roofing and facade construction as well as HVAC.

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Experience isn’t everything, but it’s very important. Especially for building resilient, user-oriented, ergonomic and innovative grinding tools for industry and trades. FEIN offers various performance classes ranging from 350 to 3,700 watts and for tough continuous use such as in foundries, steel or shipbuilding. From handy compact angle grinders to extremely powerful and large angle grinders, to a wide range of straight grinders and a comprehensive high frequency range – FEIN works hard to satisfy your every need.

Product Range

Compact Angle Grinders

Three models, one unrivaled quality - the right angle grinder for every need.

Large Angle Grinders

Superior performance, comfort and optimum safety – FEIN angle grinders for heavy-duty grinding and cutting work.

Die Grinders

Specialized tools for use in metal working - grinding, finishing, deburring and polishing.

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With unique experience gained from over 40 years of oscillation technology, FEIN presents their three systems - FEIN MultiMaster, FEIN SuperCut Construction and SuperCut Automotive - a range of oscillating power tools which stand for application-oriented solutions and unbeatable load handling. There is a solution for every need: The FEIN SuperCut is the Specialist for glazing, finish carpentry, tile work, building sealant and automotive trades. The FEIN MultiMaster universal system for construction and renovation is the right choice for everyone who really values versatility.An extensive selection of accessories makes a wide range of applications possible.

Product Range


The universal system for interior work and renovation.

SuperCut Construction

The highest performance system for interior construction and renovation.

SuperCut Automotive

The highest performance system for vehicle repair.

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GRIT by FEIN - modular-assembly belt grinding machines that are ideally suited to applications in metal processing and finishing. A very economical system for every need and the most varied requirements - for belt grinding and deburring as well as radius and cylindrical grinding. For the entire spectrum of steel and stainless steel processing. With high performance basic belt grinding machines and customized expansion modules, the main belt grinding applications in industry and trade use are covered.The high quality demanded of GRIT machines is also reflected in the accessories and especially in the grinding belts. We place great importance on premium quality grinding belts - for maximum removal rate and outstanding service life in metal processing. That makes the use of GRIT grinding belts extremely economical.

Product Range

GX modular

Stationary belt grinding machines for trade use and short production runs.

GI modular

Stationary belt grinding machines for industrial and production use.

GHB hand-held belt grinder

High performance hand-held belt grinder for flexible use on site.

GRIT GKS compact belt grinder

Compact belt grinder for metalworking. The economical solution for the workshop.

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In surface finishing, only one thing counts: flawless results in every respect. Whether grinding or polishing, with the extensive range of FEIN power tools and specially-selected Professional Sets, FEIN offers the best products for satisfying the highest demands for surface finishing. In stainless steel finishing, just as in woodworking, interior renovation, automotive repair, boat repair or special-purpose vehicle construction, you can count on FEIN. Powerful and practically indestructible power tools, with outstanding ergonomics for fatigue-free, energy-saving work and with application-oriented accessories – for perfect results. Further products related to surface finishing can be found in the Oscillation and Stationary Belt Grinding Machine sections.

Product Range

Surface Finishing Tools

Perfect tools for coarse and fine grinding of flat surfaces, pipe and profiles.


Protection and care of delicate and high quality surfaces.

Vacuums / Dust Extractors

For clean results and healthy working conditions.

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Corrugated and trapezoid sheet metals, steel plates and profiles all require special solutions. FEIN knows what it takes to handle sheet metal - since 1927. From this long-standing experience comes a range of products that are unsurpassed in their diversity, quality and reliably. Compact nibblers are the most versatile tools with unrivalled curve-cutting precision. Metal shears combine speed, strength and reliability and slitting shears are ideal for cutting without chip loss. No matter what their specialty, all FEIN metalworking tools have one thing in common: They are perfectly designed for tasks you face every day.

Product Range

Slitting Shears

Clean, distortion-free cutting of sheet metal, profiles and pipes – with just one continuous chip.

Sheet Metal Shears

The right choice for everyone who values the highest cutting performance in sheet metal and stainless steel.


Extremely versatile and curve-compatible, particularly suited for trapezoid sheet metal, corrugated sheet metal, profiles and curved single rolled sheets.

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Stainless steel processors, kitchen builders, metal workers, ­processors and industry – FEIN jigsaws are perfectly designed for the high loads involved in processing steel and stainless steel: As genuine specialized metal tools, FEIN jigsaws maintain constant rpm and therefore constant cutting speed even under extreme load. The durable metal casing and unrivalled resilient gearing give these machines legendary endurance , often lasting decades. The FEIN range is being expanded with tools for pipe processing: Jigsaws for pipes of up to max. 24 in [440 mm], mainly for plant construction and community supply connections. FEIN also manufactures special pipe milling machines for pipes up to approx. 118 in [3,000 mm] dia. for plant and pipeline construction.

Product Range

Reciprocating Saws for pipe

Robust cutting technology from FEIN's pipe machining range.

Pipe Milling Machines

In the pipe-cutting technology field, FEIN pipe-milling machines are known worldwide. Their operational area extends from cutting to length prior to laying to separating already-laid pipe. Whether cast iron or steel pipe used for oil, gas and water in pipelines, public supply networks, power plants, process engineering systems or tank construction – with FEIN pipe milling machines you work dependably and accurately. Optimized technology ensures maximum cutting performance.

Metal Cutting Saws

Designed for maximum performance.

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